Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Story Told by an Old Moravian Flute Player

A very important king hired a whole orchestra to play for him one night during his supper, just because he felt lonesome.

This orchestra played great and the king was so delighted that before going to bed he said, “Boys, your playing gave me the whips and jingles, and just for that you can all go to my counting house and fill your instruments with gold pieces.”

I can still hear that happy clatter as sack after sack of golden tiddlies streamed into the tuba and slithered down the neck of the bassoon and spilled out over the bells of the French horns.

And there I stood with my piccolo.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Restaurant table camera games

Ever been stuck around a table at a restaurant with friends and the service is slow? Well, perhaps it's in the middle of Italy and you have a camera since you are on tour with a choir. I discovered two games you can kill time with.

1. Water glass art:
Just macro the camera and take pictures of things through a full water glass:

2. Camera timer roulette:
Everyone sit around the table. Just set the 10 second timer, hit the shutter and then spin camera while suspended from the strap, while holding it over the middle of the table. It helps if the strap is attached at the center of the side of the camera. Try to spin it flat. Keep it spinning until the shot. Then after the shot, determine who got in the picture, then they get take the next shot.

This game seemed to like Leslie:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Neck pillow horseshoes

I forgot about the new airport waiting area game I invented back in June, while waiting for a plane to Italy with the Utah Baroque Ensemble. I call it "Neck Pillow Horseshoes". Simply sit equidistant from a barrier post, and throw your neck pillows like horseshoes. All rules transfer: ringers, leaners, closest. Scoring is the same. Great time-killer for those pesky flight delays.