Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Some Audio by Jerri

Well we coaxed the nice Jerri Bearce and her husband over last night to play the Casavant. She graciously played some cool pieces and let me record with my Canon ZR 200 camcorder. She played a neat loud soft piece, and then another. Then she play a Bach fugue. Then she played a triplet thing, which sounds completely different on the Casavant than when she played it on the Moller Artiste. Which do you like better?
Then she played a hard thing from her past, getting through the first part OK, and trying the ending a little slower. Then she sight-read a last verse for "Morning has Broken" that I had, and concluded with Christ lag in Todesbanden for me. This sounded rather differently on the Moller.
She also tried her luck on the old 2M/P eleven rank Mason and Hamlin reed organ that I have with a chorale and a barn-burner.
Very nice and talented friends we have, right?

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